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PLATFORM centre is excited to present, Foto Fusion, a group exhibition of recent new photographic works by Max Blue, Daphne Castillo, Herlinda Dalayoan, Lee Graham, Lev Hochman, Julia Langer, Frankie May, Nino Nguyen, Valentine Nwachukwu, Isabella Santiago, Mia Steenson and Finn Swanson-Bilyk. These 12 Manitoban-based, emerging artists are 3rd year University of Manitoba Photo Projects students currently taught by Sarah Cuirysek at the School of Art. 

10 April - 13 April, 2024
OPENING RECEPTION | 12 April, 7PM until 9PM 


Foto Fusion is an interdisciplinary exploration of the variety of forms that photography can take. Photography is currently in a state of flux: image-making is simpler than ever as a result of modern technology, but there still exists the magic of the darkroom and the preciousness of the photographic object. What leads us to choose one format over another? In a world overflowing with images, what differentiates photography-as-art from everything else? Why do we capture and preserve certain moments? Confronted with all of this  possibility, Foto Fusion recenters the “why” of photography.

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