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Scott Benesiinaabandan
ghostlands and other sovereign territories [an excerpt].
21 October - 2 December, 2023

we are medicines _installation OBORO 2020.jpg

PLATFORM centre is excited to present ghostlands and other sovereign territories [an excerpt], a solo

exhibition of new works by local intermedia artist Scott Benesiinaabandan (MB), in Gallery 2. 


EXHIBITION | 21 October - 2 December, 2023



This work is an experimental installation excerpt from a larger body and series of work titled ghostlands and

other sovereign territories. The work is a progression from both my straight photographic works and my straight

digital works. It grew from the idea that much of the world lies hidden from our human perception. Light spectrums

and sound frequencies, atoms and quarks, double slit experiments and dreams. These are the ghostlands that we all

exist within. These four colours are also my name colours, making this a type of immersive photographic self portrait.




Scott Benesiinaabandan is Anishinaabe, a member of Obishkkokaang/Lac Seul First Nations. Scott is an intermedia artist that currently works in experimental image making, light installations and sonic materials. Scott has completed a MFA in photography from Concordia University and currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Scott’s current research interests are intersections of artificial-intelligence(s) and Anishinaabemowin. 


Scott has completed international residencies at Parramatta Artist Studios in Australia, Context Gallery in Derry, North of Ireland, and University Lethbridge/Royal Institute of Technology iAIR residency, along with international collaborative projects in both the U.K and Ireland. Scott has completed extensive new media  residencies with Initiative for Indigenous Futures and AbTec in Montreal.  Scott is currently doing an experimental post-MFA through Abundant Intelligences at Concordia University. 


Image courtesy of the artist:  we are medicines wrapped in light (2023)

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